Xperia J was launched in October 2012. In the past months sony also released updates for the same which is Firmware version 11.0.A.7.5. Rooting of this phone involves a loop hole present in 11.0.A.3.28 and 11.0.A.3.18, which was fixed in 11.0.A.7.5. Hence to root your Xperia J via this method it is necessary to you to have 11.0.A.3.28. To see which firmware is present in your device you can see it under “Settings > About Phone”

Xperia J

If you have firmware higher than  11.0.A.3.28 then follow this process else skip to the main rooting procedure.

Note: the flashing process will factory reset your phone and hence loose all data.



  1. Once you install flashtools, go to the directory where you installed it. Example: “C:/Flashtool/drivers” 
  2. Install the Flashtool-drivers.exe and select all drivers in the list.
  3. Once finished open Flashtools/Flashtools64 depending on your PC’s Processor (32bit or 64bit).
  4. Extract drivers that you downloaded earlier.
  5. In Flashtools click “devices>import”
  6. Navigate to the file you extracted.
  7. Now Xperia J driver is installed.
  8. Place the firmware you downloaded in “C:/Flashtools/Firmware” folder.
  9. In Flashtools Now click on the lightening button on the upper left corner.
  10. Select Flashmode and press OK.
  11. Then select the firmware from the list check all boxed except for no final verification and press ok.
  12. Once the flashing process is complete reboot the device and proceed to the Rooting process.

Rooting process



  1. Unzip the package on desktop.
  2. Connect the Device to your PC.
  3. Open the extracted folder.
  4. Run the “runme.bat” file and follow the on screen instructions.
  5. Once the root is complete, reboot your device.
  6. To confirm if the device is rooted, search for the app called as “superuser” in the app drawer.

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