According to certain reports and several other itemizations, it is understood that Google plans to launch its next-gen Android OS version next month itself. Additionally, this will be juxtaposing with the launch of a new Nexus 4 version. It is construed that the white Nexus 4 is will be obtainable from the Google Play Store on June 10. Furthermore, at this same juncture of time Android 4.3 would also be released. Based on various tidings, it has been reported that the white Nexus 4 possesses similarity in characteristics in comparison to the previous Nexus 4. With reports coming in from various quarters, Android and Me has apparently presented out this information after managing a hands-on on the upcoming revelation. It is presumed that the white Nexus 4 is a carbon copy of the previous Nexus 4 with the only difference being that it will arrive with a different color casing.Google-IO-2013-Navigation-Maps-

Thus along these lines this device is an altogether different revelation from the previous rumors that had surfaced up with respect to the appearance of the 32GB Nexus 4 LTE model.

The pictorial depiction represents the particular handset being spotted at a mobile event in Dubai. This was assumed to carry the same FCC ID as the regular black version. Based on several other lowdowns, it has been reported that Android 4.3 could be launched at a later time in July along with the launch of a new Nexus 7. It is construed that the tidings associate significant evidences of backing up the fact that a new Android OS version can be surely slated for a release in the near future.Nexus 4

As reported from several tidings, the itemizations broadcast that the information regarding Android 4.3 has been intentionally removed from the show. This is done in order for demonstrating the particularized ability of rolling out newer services and other APIs without have to upgrade the Android firmware.

At this particular moment, there is no detailed information available on the features of the Android 4.3. But it is known that it will feature the Bluetooth Smart (BLE) which was expected to arrive in the next Android update.

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