Samsung current flagship model, the Galaxy S3 is a great phone. With Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9 CPU and Mali-400MP GPU the phone is quite a battery drainer. Thought some may argue that having a 2100 mAh battery does the trick, personally as an extensive user of my phone, I feel it’s a bit shy for a superphone. Bearing this in mind Samsung has decided to launch an official extended battery pack. This is currently available on pre-order.

samsung s3 extended battery pack official

It is available to users via resellers like UK based MobileFun. Priced at 64.99$ it is a little on the higher side but worth the extra juice that you will get for your device. This battery pack provides a mammoth 3000 mAh which is just a little shy to the 3100 mAh in Note 2. Compared to the stock 2100, 3000 will give you an extra 900 mAh of juice that will keep you running for a longer time.

The battery pack is one of the first such launched by Samsung officially. It also comes with an NFC chip included in the pack to support standard technologies like the Android Beam and Google Wallet.It works with both the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy S3 LTE. It comes with a blue or white cover.

Since there is no official release of the battery pack it is yet unclear whether this battery pack adds a few mm to the phone’s thickness. One can only anticipate if it also adds a few milligrams to it’s weight. Being an official accessory it is guaranteed to give excellent results. If you actually need longer battery life on your S3 then I strongly recommend it.

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