With the advent in technology, the amount of devices that are released keep accruing as we proceed forward in time. Samsung plays a pivotal role in this smartphone market with the plethora of devices that are unveiled with regularity. As Android advances ahead to become the most popular platform, we are presented with numbers that illustrate Samsung’s ascension with the use of this platform.worlwide- Android-share

Based on reports presented by Localytics, it can be seen that Samsung acquires a 63 percent share of Android mobile devices. This is inclusive of all the smartphones, phablets and tablets. This figure attributes to almost double the total market share which is allocated by all other manufacturers combined. Moreover, it can be viewed that 8 out of the 10 most popular phones are produced by Samsung.android-smartphone-share

According to the illustrative figure, it can be seen that Samsung dominates heavily in the Android device market share. In terms of the tablet market, Samsung has a huge share of 53 percent. This can be attributed heavily to Galaxy Tab 2 series of tablets which paramount to hold on almost 40 percent of the available Android tablets. Based on speculative rumors, it is regarded that Samsung is set to ship through 100+ million Galaxy S and Note phones this year. The Galaxy S series in conjunction with the Tab 2 series surface up to be responsible for contributing a large share of the Android market.

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