According to fresh reports, it has been indicated that Samsung has cheated with respect to Galaxy S4 benchmarks. Based on illustrations it is construed that Samsung has focussed on using performance-enhancing code for increasing Galaxy S4′s test scores. The inferential understanding is that Samsung has specifically programmed the handset to beef up its clock speed during certain benchmarks.

At first, such claims had appeared in the forums of popular 3D graphics site Beyond3D and these descriptions have been growing larger as we move forward in time. After having confirmation from hardware specialists at AnandTech, it is clearly displayable that the Galaxy S4 utilizes full speed GPU during testing, and then reverts back to slower speeds during everyday use.

The Exynos 5 Octa (5410) SoC , which is present in the international version of the Galaxy S4 comprises of a 533MHz GPU clock which is simply never used. The device runs apps and games at 480MHz and only switches to 533MHz for certain specific benchmarks. It is found running on 480MHz due to battery life and other compromises.anandtech-samsung-benchmark

With researched reports from Anandtech, its viewable that Samsung utilizes to speed up the processor during the time that testing suites like such as GLBenchmark, AnTuTu, or Quadrant are being employed on the handset.

Based on further detailed reports from the site, it has also been reported that same behaviour is also found on the CPU side in the Qualcomm versions of the Galaxy S4 in conjunction with other processors. Benchmarks such as GLBenchmark have pinpointed that the CPU jumps to 1.2 GHz, whereas when other benchmarking suites like GFXBench are employed, then  the CPU isn’t triggered to that level and it uses a default CPU speed with lower performance around 250 MHz.

Different benchmarking apps devise out different CPU speeds, with Linpack highlighting that Samsung offers up 1.6 GHz and Snapdragon jumps to 1.9GHz in the GLBenchmark. According to reports, it has been pointed that Samsung uses a settings application called TwDVFSApp.apk that helps in multiplying and increasing the hard-coded CPU settings for the different benchmarks. Under this facilitation, there is availability of a “boost mode” which triggers the CPU and GPU into high gear.

Samsung needs to enforce these higher GPU speeds to all apps/games or else has to stop focussing them to game test scores. Since the matter has been brought up, it will be an interesting development over the course of time as to whether even other handset manufacturers are guilty of such behaviour in the past or at present.

Tell us your thoughts on this matter. Do you merely focus on the numbers, benchmarks before buying a Phone??

Update: Samsung has claimed innocence with respect to this development. Based on a statement released out by Samsung, it has been illustrated that under normal conditions, the Galaxy S4 operates up to 533MHz at its best performance. Additionally, the “full screen apps” notably the camera, browser, video player, and benchmarking tools are sub divided as the apps which require the highest performance. The Korean manufacturer has presented out reports which highlight that most of the games don’t even require the maximum clock speed to run, hence the company has released information in a statement that points out that “the maximum GPU frequencies for the S4 have been specifically varied for providing optimal user experience for the customers, and these were not intended to improve certain benchmark results”

But, the important point to note here is that it hasn’t yet talked about why it has optimized the software for boosting the Benchmark scores!

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