As Android aggrandizes trying to rule over the mobile platform world, its heavy usage on several devices provides a clear picture on how heavily dominated and how popular this mobile platform is in the smartphone industry. Based on a report released by Gartner for analysing the worldwide smartphone sales, it is viewable that Samsung dominates the total smartphone sales. Samsung amasses a giant share of the Android market and this development is hardly surprising. This is due to the fact that Samsung consistently releases new device irrespective of worrying about the market state or even the innovations unveiled by rival competitors.gartner-q3-share

Samsung has sustained a stagnant share in the third quarter of 2013, encompassing a 32 percent market share. Judging the figures, it can be seen that Samsung did manage to stretch a lead over Apple, which is undoubtedly Samsung’s biggest rival. This was in reference to in the percentile ratio the global smartphone market. Such a development was attributed due to Apple facing a difficult time with decreasing share, which sheds light on the fact that Samsung didn’t produce anything new to garner a large market share.

Although Samsung’s share was stagnant over this period, it is to be noted that Samsung still managed to grip onto a healthy share of 53 percent with respect to all mobile industry profits. The lead was maintained with the arrival of the Galaxy Note 3, whose flourishing sales assisted the progress towards maintaining the competitive edge over their rivals in the advancing market. Samsung’s share arose by approximately three percent during the time that we took feature and smartphones in an altogether domain. The figures illustrate that Samsung rose to 25.7 percent of the global share ratio wherein Nokia followed suit at 13.8 percent.

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