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Samsung has filed for a new patent and it is most likely related to the next generation of Galaxy Note. US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) have published a patent about automatic ejectable pen which was filed by Samsung.

The patent explains how it will work. Galaxy Note will be able to sense an automatic ejection event and supplies power to the first electromagnet (as shown in number #1401 in the drawing). When power is supplied, the first electromagnet will push the (#1101) magnet having the same polarity towards the pen hole by repulsion.

Automatic Ejectable Pen System

“The (#1402) second electromagnet having a different polarity will pull the magnet (#1101) thus the magnet of the touch pen may move from a location at which the first electromagnet is located, to a location at which the second electromagnet is located, and as a result, the touch pen may be ejected from the Galaxy Note (or electronic device) according to the distance between the first electromagnet and the second electromagnet,” notes the patent.

In case the pen is not ejected properly, it would be notified to the user through a visual information on the display or auditory or tactile information through vibration, suggests another figure in the patent.

Patent also reveals the locking system of the pen. Galaxy Note is expected to include a locker mechanism, wherein the end of the locker is formed as a protrusion having a hook shape, and arranged to overlap with the pen guide path.

This comes as a major development and Samsung will win many admirers with this unique idea for Galaxy Note.

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