Quite expectedly smartphones have become an integral part and parcel of our lives and the range of functionalities provided by handsets varies with every released model. Actions and utilities can be performed at the tip of our hand. Every revelation ends up dishing out necessitated services to its dedicated users.

When a smartphone is so indispensable component of our lives, having a device that packs in a sufficient battery life can be considered to be of superior importance.  Thus the battery life of a phone encompasses to be fundamental aspect while choosing a phone.mugen-note-3-

At present the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 packs in a huge battery of the order of3,200mAh. Although it possesses a gigantic battery, this can prove to be insufficient in some cases.  This can be certainly deemed to be less sufficient during the time that plenty of operations on the device for prolonged periods of time. For resolving this issue, Mugen Power has come up with a solution! Mugen Power has unveiled a 6,500mAh extended battery for the Note 3 which assists the progress in extending the battery life up by approximately “2.03 times.”

Analysing the effect of the battery capacity, it can be seen that the battery life of the device doesn’t actually double up or anything, but it does help in giving the device the much needed battery enhancement due to which the phone can work longer for long periods of time. Additionally users are provided with an additional add-on battery door which is available in the black and white colors. Although this results in enlarging the device, the extended battery life can be considered as a blessing in disguise for the individuals who are hooked onto their device all the time.

The battery can be ordered from Mugen’s official website at a price of $98.50. Free shipping is provided with the order.

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