Samsung’s Note series is one of its kind with a mighty screen and the S Pen which make it very unique. All the three devices in the Note series have performed extremely well and there’s another device coming to the series – Galaxy Note 4. And this device will bring yet another unique feature – Ultraviolet Sensor.

The Ultraviolet Sensor is unheard of being ever used in any device. Samsung is planning to incorporate it in the S-Health app. ThisĀ sensor is said to be capable of tracking UV rays every 500 milliseconds and enable better auto brightness while the phone is outdoors.

The UV sensor will be capable of measuring the sun’s ultraviolet radiation and thereby preventing Galaxy Note 4 users from damaging their skin, ageing and increasing the risk of skin cancer. It does this by recommending guidance based on the current UV index level at a particular place and time.

In order to measure the UV radiation, users need to have the back of the device’s sensor at an elevation angle of more than 60 degrees towards the sun.

Besides the Ultraviolet Sensor, the Note 4 will have all the features that are seen in the Samsung Galaxy S5.

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