Based on a report which was released recently, it has been found that the Samsung Galaxy S III beats the new iPhone 5s and 5c during the time that there is clash of touch accuracy levels. This information is revealed by a test which was performed by OptoFidelity, which is a Finland-based tech test and measurement company.

Just previously we had seen that the iPhone 5s and 5c beat other smartphones whenever there is rivalry with respect of touch response time. And such development proves as a thought provoking advancement in the current time frame.s3

According to results, it has been viewable that iPhones appear inaccurate on the outer edges and on the display.  Although the Galaxy S III was kind of not accurate on the sides, it bestowed a fairly accurate response from the middle part of the screen. This appears much more than both the iPhones.

Considering this aspect, there are hardly any typing errors while the Samsung Galaxy S III had accuracy levels ranging to higher levels than the iPhones. The accuracy level balances out and takes out the advantageous aspect from the typing reference.

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    i know Fidelity is one of reputed company……………

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