The Galaxy S4 is Samsung’s flagship device launched earlier this year. The hardware specs weren’t all that impressive but Samsung introduced tons of new features in the software department. There was Air View (previously seen in Note 2), Air Gestures, Samsung Hub, Smart stay, Smart Pause, Smart Scroll, Group Play and much more. Another feature that attracted the attention of users was the lockscreen with beautiful effects such as Ripple effect, Ink effect, Lens Flare and more. This lockscreen can now be applied to any Android device running Android 4.0 and above using an app called Galaxy S4 Lockscreen.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Lockscreen

The app is not an actual apk file taken from the TouchWiz UI but just a copy of the S4 lockscreen. It replaces your default lock screen and does not require root. However, it does not support any lockscreen widgets as is in the case of the original Galaxy S4 lockscreen. Apart from displaying information such as date, time and carrier information, the lockscreen also supports app shortcuts and notifications that can be launched with a simple swiping gesture.

Galaxy S4 Lockscreen Settings Screen

The app lets you to add your own text to your home screen and even choose your own customized fonts. You can switch between various effects such as ripple, light, ink and the lens flare effects along with two themes for light effect included. The app also allows you to hide the notification bar and offers support for a lot of languages. You can also add shortcuts of your favorite apps on the lockscreen and select the lockscreen wallpaper of your choice.

The app can be found for free on the Play Store. However, it supports ads which can be a tad annoying. If you wish to try out the app on your device, you can simply click on the link found below and install it on your device.

Galaxy S4 Lockscreen App

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