Ever since Samsung release Galaxy S6 earlier this year, there have been persistent rumours of the next flagship device in the “S” series – Galaxy S7. And after the launch of Galaxy Note 5, these rumours have gained momentum. There are some reports which suggest that Samsung Galaxy S7 will be launched in January 2016.

Usually, Samsung launches the flagship device in March-April period. But Samsung have decided to pre-pone for the next device.

According to ETNews, Galaxy S7 will have both high end and mid-range variant. Galaxy S7 will feature  “Project Lucky” which will use an ePoP chip to integrate all the necessary sensor components on a single die, an engineering strategy employed by the S6 to help improve efficiency.

Other features to be expected in Galaxy S7 include USB Type-C support and even a dual-camera arrangement with a brand new 20-megapixel primary sensor.

Samsung have not come out and confirmed these reports yet so for now this piece of news is just a rumour.

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