Samsung has been a consistent forerunner when it comes to launching devices or variants of their older devices at regular intervals. Along these lines, we are currently introduced to new Lite versions of two previously existent devices. Samsung has launched the the Galaxy Trend Lite (GT-S7390) and the Galaxy Fame Lite (S6790) in Netherlands and these devices exhibit almost the same specifications as their non-Lite counterparts. However, the camera resolution of these devices has been downgraded.fame-lite

Galaxy Fame Lite features significant changes over its standard variant. The notable changes include the following. The device features an 850MHz processor instead of 1GHz. There is no existence of front camera and the camera has been downgraded from 5MP to 3MP. Also, there is no NFC available in the device. The device possesses a 3.5-inch HVGA (320 x 480) screen, 1,300mAh battery, 4GB of storage, 512MB RAM, and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. These specs are the same as the Galaxy Fame specs.

The Galaxy Trend Lite almost completely replicates the same specs as the Galaxy Trend. It is powered by a 1GHz processor and possesses 512MB RAM, 4GB storage and microSD slot. It packs in a 1,500mAh battery, and runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The only distinguishing factor is that the camera has been downgraded to 3MP with the exclusion of the front camera. This replicates similarity with the Fame lite.

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