According to several tidings and other itemizations, it has been reported that Samsung will soon announce an Anti-Theft feature for its Smartphones. Samsung in accordance with other industry giants discussed the implementation of this factor in Smartphones. Upon careful introspection it has been brought to notice that Samsung will finally implement this feature in the upcoming weeks.

With the growth and the development of the Smartphone industry, the consumers are treated to a plethora of innovations as we move forward in time. However, there is also an increase in the growth of Mobile theft around the world with the eye gazing innovations that are devised out for the common users. During the time that a Smartphone is stolen, it proves detrimental over the course of stealing the owner’s identity and data.

As Samsung ascends forward its claim of being the world’s no.1 Smartphone manufacturer, the development of such a feature can prove to make a significant impact on the Smartphone industry. After such a feature is implemented, this functionality will allow the authorized personal to remotely lock, wipe, and disable any smartphone so that it will be in a brick state.

Currently there is no information available on the Samsung’s kill-switch feature, but we can surely expect certain details to surface up if things with respect to this functionality are on schedule.

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