The following article presents out a S4 commercial that Samsung is currently airing in Iceland. This development is a creative representation of mocking Apple with the craziest ideas ever!

The advertisement goes on to characterize a guy trying to make a phone call on a real apple. This crazy augmentation is nutty as a fruitcake with the set of depictions that are presented out in the ad. Apart from focusing on the device’s features or creating a parody around the brand, Samsung goes a step further in displaying this ad.
After showing a guy trying to make a phone call on a real apple initially, the ad then moves forward in high spirits displaying a scene where the hero in the ad operates a Galaxy S4. And this is only after showing that the hero realized that swiping across fruit makes no sense & doesn’t help the cause, therefore the attention turned to another scene. Moreover, there are apples shown lieing aside the hero when the Samsung Galaxy S4 is suddenly shown in the picture!

The ad is features in the video below:

For what it’s worth, Samsung argues in YouTube description that the Galaxy S4 has features that are easy to understand while touting the ability to dictate email and text messages in Icelandic.

During the time that this is featured, there is also an argument depicted with respect to pin pointing that the Galaxy S4 possesses features that are easy to understand. And eventually it progresses in publicizing email and text messages in Icelandic.

This representation is direct mockery and this is further proved by emphasizing on Siri. The description reads that “Get a phone that understands you”, thus notably pin pointing and vividly highlighting the fact that Icelandic doesn’t on Siri’s list of supported languages. Surely appreciative of the Samsung’s creative agency to come up with such an eye grabbing advertisement.

What is your say on this matter? A slap in the face or a cheap shot by Samsung?

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