The rivalry between the two cellphone giants seems to grow at a bizarre pace by the day. Last month’s lawsuit left Samsung an bitter after taste for biting off the Apple’s iPhone. The raging war between the American and Korean giants has started to affect even the other contracts between them. As known by all Samsung being one of the primary suppliers for LCD displays for apple devices, is soon going to be a thing of the past. Samsung has decided to slowly withdraw the supply of displays to Apple and eventually completely cut off the supply by the start of next year. Other than displays Samsung also has been a supplier of application processors, displays, and memory modules for Apple.

Samsung vs Apple

Today, Korea Times reports that, according to an anonymous executive, Samsung Display will no longer make display panels for Apple, starting next year.The process has already begun as it is clearly seen in the supply of only 3 million display units in 3rd quarter in contrast to 15 million units shipped in first half of 2012. It is predicted that this trend will continue to 1.8 million units in the fourth quarter.

Korea Times says that Samsung is no longer satisfied with the “huge price discounts” that Apple is demanding. The price per pixel has almost more than halved from the iPad 2 to iPad 3, which has left the Koreans unhappy. This decision by Samsung has raised many eyebrows of whether this decision is solely based on business tactics or does it echo an hint of bitterness for Apple’s lawsuit. To recover from the losses faced by the decline of sale of display units, it is rumored that Samsung will start supplying display units to  the handset division of Samsung Electronics (its sister company) and Amazon. Only time will tell how Samsung and even Apple handle this sticky situation,


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