Samsung has enforced its superiority by launching several devices at periodic intervals of time. There have been a plethora of revelations that have marked their presence and Samsung has proved to be immediate rival to other existent competitors in the market. Along these lines, presently we have been treated to lowdowns regarding a 12-inch tablet PC that is speculated for an October release. If these tidings are construed to be true, then we can view the largest tablet that will mark its presence from Samsung’s designing aspect. Also this can be regarded to aggrandize over the present  threshold of full HD.Galaxy-Note-101

Previously we have seen itemizations that have highlight Apple releasing a 12-inch iPad and different questions have arised which have questioned the need for such a device. Samsung has been a consistent manufacturer when it comes to large devices and with the Galaxy note accruing up the “phablet” tag to altogether different levels, transcending horizons with advancement in technology seems to stay the way Samsung works with respect to releasing devices.

According to The Korea Economic Daily, it is reported that the 12-inch slab will be a tablet “PC”, wherein the disclosure will run on Windows and it will feature a better-than-HD display based on information released by reports. Hence it is presumed that the hardware will be of excellent quality. With the Galaxy Gear smart watch and Galaxy Note 3 expected to be launched early next month, it will be interesting to see how Samsung marks their presence in the market with the new range of devices.

So far there is no concrete information available on the availability of this larger-than-life tablet, however it is expected that this device will be eventually available sooner than later.

What are your thoughts on having a super-sized slate? Will this mark a trend for newer devices?

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