During the time that rumors surfaced up with glaring regularity, we witnessed Samsung’s plans on the release of a Samsung tablet with an AMOLED screen. Previously a lot of rumors highlighted the company’s working on such tablets, and it was suppositioned that this type of development was in the works. At present according to a report published by ETNews, it has been revealed that Samsung is slated to release a 10.5-inch tablet with an AMOLED display in the forthcoming month. The announcement is expected to go through at CES.Samsung-Full-Super-HD-AMOLED-Screen

Based on the same report, it has been brought to light that Samsung is striving harder to mark a presence in this competitive tablet market. The Galaxy Tab 7.7, the one and only AMOLED tablet released by Samsung failed to create a remarkable impression back in 2011 and the manufacturing giant is expected to push things aggressively this time around.

Based on speculative reports, it is understood that Samsung will also unveil 8 inch and 13 inch AMOLED tablets after it officially announces the 10.5 inch tablet. These lowdowns are displayable after a new Galaxy Tab featuring a AMOLED screen was found during shipping, and it is presumed that Samsung is planning on shifting their focus to tablets beginning 2014. Additionally, several other tidings highlight that four new tablets might be launched in Q1 itself. So far there is no concrete information available on Samsung’s plans to release a new tablet next year; but is reckoned that Samsung is set to unveil a tablet at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 that takes place in Las Vegas next month.

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