Galaxy Alpha

The war between Samsung and Apple is set to continue this year with Samsung planning to launch a new smartphone – Galaxy Alpha, which is aimed at providing competition to the Apple iPhone 6. The Galaxy Alpha is rumored to come with a metal body rather than the plastic one seen in the Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha could be the new name to the previously rumored devices like the Galaxy S5 Prime or the Galaxy F. Galaxy Alpha will be having specs better than the Galaxy S5. This device is aimed to reduce the gap between the flagship Galaxy S series and the Note series.

While HTC launched the metal version of the One M8 and then launched the plastic version, Samsung has adopted the policy which is exactly opposite.

Apple, according to the sources, will launch 2 variants of the iPhone 6 this year. Samsung is also prepared and will launch the Galaxy Alpha and the new Galaxy Note device this year quite possibly before Apple releases the new iPhone 6.

Samsung has been reducing the price of Galaxy S5 in some markets and with the launch of this device nearing, there could be a further decrease in the price of the 2014 flagship.

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