santa tracker

Oh don’t be so surprised by this news, this day wasn’t far away that Santa Clause and Google who give so many freebies to the world and expect nothing in return to work together. Christmas is upon us with less than 4 days left for Christmas, all are awaiting for Santa to deliver their Cristmas gifts. So is Google helping others to eagerly wait for Santa. You surly must be confused as to how Google is involved with Santa.

Santa tracker

Google is out with its latest app called “Santa Tracker”. This app is a fun app for kids to follow Santa as he goes around the world delivering gifts to kids all around the world on Christmas eve. You can track his progress as he flies around the world spreading happiness and the raising the spirits of the people for all over. This is the first year for Google to track Santa’s progress on Christmas Eve.

santa tracker

The app is available on Google Play store. You can download it from here. For now the app is only scrolls on a beautifully made background and counting down to Christmas. But on the eve of Christmas when Santa starts his journey. Your kids can be entertained to wait for Santa to fly over your roofs as they enjoy and have a blast on Christmas. Head on to play store and enjoy seeing Santa as he delivers gifts.

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