Since Android OS was released, it has undergone innumerable changes. Right from it’s earlier versions to the latest Jelly Bean OS, many differences are seen, not only from the OS point of view but even with respect to processors, GPU, etc. Initially only single core processors were used and now even smartphones with 8 cores are manufactured. With the increase in the cores, a better speed is obtained but along with it the battery consumption also increases.

Android, being an open source OS, allows many modifications which can help to reduce the power consumption by the processor. There are several apps which will help in saving the battery life and one such app is Quad Core Manager.

QuadCore Manager

Quad Core Manager aims to give users better control of their devices’ multi-core processors, and in turn, achieve greater device longevity. Android users can use the app with any multi-core device to disable specific cores other than the first core. In other words, if your device has two cores, you can disable one core. And if it has four cores, you can disable three of them. Disabling some cores will result in  much lesser power consumption thus increasing the battery life of the device.

Another interesting feature found in Quad Core Manager is the Automatic Cores On/Off (ACOO) service , which will turn off your cores when the user doesn’t use them ( turn off the screen ) and then it will be switched on when the user turns the screen back on.

Quad Core Manager is available for free on the Google Play Store. It will only work on rooted Android smartphones. There are some LG and Samsung devices on which it doesn’t work. The user is free to try it. Quad Core Manager is compatible with Android 3.0 and above.

Download Quad Core Manager from here.

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