Sometimes it so happens that an Android Smartphone will show that the SD card is full and there is no free space even though the user has not utilized the whole space. This can happen due to multiple reasons- apps you have already deleted sometimes leave data behind, the system constantly creates logs, crash reports and debug files which is really not needed, the Google Play Store leaves temporary files of downloaded apps behind.


All the above files can be removed easily using SD Maid. The purpose of deleting the temporary files is to free up some space on the SD card. The process to remove these files using the SD Maid app is really simple.

  1. Just download the app from the Google Play Store and run the app.
  2. Scroll through the app to find the “CORPSEFINDER” tab.
  3. Press “Refresh” and a list of files will be seen.
  4. Now an individual just has to press the delete button and a considerable amount of free space will be gained on the SD card.
  5. The user can go to the “SYSTEMCLEANER” tab and perform the same steps.

Maid Pro

There are some other features using which an individual can clean the apps from unwanted files and also remove the duplicate files. For this purpose the user will have to download the SD Maid Pro- Unlocker. Using it, Pro version of SD Maid is installed and an individual can get access to features such as app cleaning and deleting duplicates.

Besides the above mentioned things, this app has other features like an inbuilt file manager using which other external file managers wont be needed. Also there is an “APPCONTROL” tab through which a user can start app, freeze app and also uninstall the app. “BIGGEST FILES” tab is also present in SD Maid. It gives a list of the biggest files present on the SD card in terms of size in a descending order. “MISC” tab can be used to see which files has been modified recently, to optimize the DBs, delete the Google Play Store search history, delete battery stats and the quick search history.

All the above features make SD Maid a terrific app. It must be noted that the device must be rooted. It can be used in non-rooted devices too but the functionality will be very limited.
Download SD Maid from here.
Download SD Maid SD Maid Pro – Unlocker from here.

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