With the advancements that have surfaced up through the years, the latest one to join the current list of added ones is the ability to “Search within Apps”. This exhibition was available in the Window search to search within applications in Windows 8, aside from this it also can be put to use by utilizing the default Android Google Search also. The manifestation of this particular scenario highlights the fact that this default Android Google Search is much more than simply being a tool to carry out web search.

It is a common notion by the users that the search widget that is presented on our device is simply a searching tool to search Google or the contacts. However, its functionality is more fruitful than the aforementioned details. An individual can enter into the respective application without even opening that specific app. This is possible with an easy modification in the settings. The finest usage involves searching through the contacts also from this widget. An example of the same is displayed below.

Screenshot depicting the search option

Another example that is dispatched below portrays the effectiveness of this particular feature in the context of searching particular applicatio. For example, I searched Stick Cricket in the default search option; the default search presented a list of results directly.

Just tapping on this, the application is opened up very easily than searching the web.

screenshot showing stick cricket searched

The superlative use of this feature can be also prolonged if one adds music, foursquare, places and many other apps to the list. The advantageous aspect after this will involve directly searching that specific app from the home screen widget. Therefore, it acts as a convenient, time-saving & a cooperative easier method than the usual one of searching through the lists to find the specific app.

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