Siri is a useful utility with respect to any iOS device. This is because of the wide range of functionalities provided by this voice recognition engine. Thus as it marks a significant presence in our day to day scenarios, with the help of assistance provided by the respective functionality. In such a manner, Siri has now be planned to be integrated into car systems where Siri will act as a voice assistant to read out all the notifications to the individual who is driving the car at that point of time. Thus this can act as a beneficial source of providing the necessary information without distracting the person while driving.Secretary Cydia Tweak

However, it is an understandable issue that obviously any iOS user won’t just buy the car because Siri possesses its existence in the car. Hence to tackle such an issue, a Cydia alternative dishes out to be a propitious arrival amongst such circumstances. It is named Secretary and it assists the progress in reading out all the incoming notifications without even having to hold the device. This can include the text messages also.

At the beginning after you download & install this tweak, a new menu will appear in the stock Settings app. The user is further directed to several toggles present in that specific menu & the individual has the capability to select the specific volume level for the tweak. Also the menu includes the provisioning for activating the tweak. Additionally, the user is benefited with the advantage of have a selection option of the user’s desired language before he/she decides to utilize the jailbreak app.

Furthermore, the tweak can also read out various other things. This can include right from the Missed Call Count, Unread Messages Count, Events (noted on calendar) to reading the newer important messages that need attention at that specific instance. Likewise the user can also remove the items which the user doesn’t want to be read out.

Accompanying these judicious aspects, the user is also facilitated with separate Event Calendar Window Slider. This helps the user in defining an upcoming event. The beneficial features dished out by the tweak usually perform during the time that the user connects wired or Bluetooth headset. Plus the user has the facility to control the reading speed of the messages that are propelled out. Simultaneously the text messages can also be read out through the speakers

The Cydia tweak Secretary is available in the Cydia’s BigBoss repository and is priced at $1.99. It is a point to be noted it works on iOS 6 and above.

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