Now-a=days storing hard copies of certain files or storing documents, or carrying huge bundles of important paper work is slowly becoming an impasse. With the advent of computers and the ever developing age, we are presented with devices that provide the luxurious approach and enable ease of life in our current lifestyle. Thus, slowly and steadily the technological revolution is rolling on the lines of complete replacement for the paper work that maybe associated with users currently.

On that account, cloud storage is rapidly gathering pace into the current trend to act as system storage than stacking up the entire information on specific hardware devices. As we move further in the world of developing technology, dished out to the individuals are plentiful cloud storage services that provide the necessary functionality to store everything on the go.Dropbox LOGO

With the advent of Smartphones, these specific services can be synced on to the handheld device and particular functionalities can be performed accordingly. Considering the entire scenario, the Dropbox application for Android proves as a substantial service that helps the users in a large way. The users can easily store and access these files on the go. However, as the technological advancements ascend up in upheaval, our work lies in keeping these files safe from the unknown users and securing them as private. During some instances it may so happen that this data can be stolen by fraudulent forces, hence making the overall process vulnerable to threat. Aside from this aspect, there is also a way to secure the particular information and store it on our device. A resultant passcode for the particular application can be set to keep these files safe.

Steps on illustrating how to secure Dropbox files on Android

  1. At first, the user must open the Dropbox application on the respective Android device.
  2. Afterwards, the individual must press the Menu key. This results in opening the Dropbox’s menu. Hereafter, choose Settings.Dropbox settings
  3. The indicated Dropbox settings are opened. On this screen, the user must turn on the “Passcode lock option”. This is done by simply putting a check next to the box.Passcode lock
  4. Next, the Passcode settings are displayed after the Passcode option is turned on. Here, the user must “Turn passcode on”. This sets the activation ahead.
  5. The user must thereafter enter a 4 digit passcode.Passcode entering
  6. The passcode is entered again for confirmation.Reenter passcode
  7. Once the passcode is set, there is a small notification displayed through pop up on the screen depicting that the “Passcode set.” Hereafter, the user must select on the Erase data option. When this option is checked, the entire Dropbox data that is resident on the device is deleted only after 10 failed passcode attempts. Thus, this is very useful if the device gets stolen by chance.Erase data uncheck option
  8. Later, when every time the Dropbox app is opened, a passcode is asked before the user is allowed to enter in the folder.

Thus the process is completed and in this way the user can secure Dropbox files on Android.

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