Smartphones have evolved into devices with minimal hard keys and a huge touch screen. The touchscreen, undoubtedly, is pretty cool. But However everyone has a moment when he/she is irritated by the constant need to look at the screen while typing. It is at such times when you wish you could type using your PC keyboard. Life would had been so much easier!


Just imagine a situation when you’re in the office, or in a lecture and you can’t access your phone to check messages. Haven’t you wished you could just somehow access it from your PC.

Here is the perfect solution for your problems, this app called “MightyText”. MightyText is available exclusively on the Google Play for Android. What the app does is, it enables you to synchronize your SMSes with your PC via internet. It also allows you to use your PC to send SMSes via your phone automagically! However it does not promise free SMSes. The carrier charges will apply as per your network plan. It doesn’t give you free SMSes but it gives you the freedom to chat like you do on your PC. You don’t have to use the small touchscreen keyboards to type. Many sites/apps provide you with free SMS services and allow you to text from the convenience of your desktop, but they always append a spam at the end of your SMS or they have a limited character limit. MightyText doesn’t do any of this and it does what it say: “Let’s you text from the convenience of your Desktop”

The app is fairly simple to set up. Just download it from the link above and install it onto your android cellphone. Then sign-in to your google acount via the app and grant it the permissions it needs. Soon you’ll receive an email on your Gmail account which will contain instructions to set up your PC for this app.  Once you follow the setup process you’ll be able to start texting via your PC in no time. The web app will look something like this on your Desktop:


That’s all it takes for loads of convenience. It is a fantastic, easy to use app that deserves commendations. The biggest advantage of this service is that it works both on Windows as well as Mac. Go ahead and harness the advantages of a full physical QWERTY keyboard of your desktop to text from your Android SmartPhone!


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