There are a plethora of messages that surface up when we move closer to an occasion or a festive is lined up during a particular time reference. Be it a Thanksgiving occasion or New Year’s Eve wishing the other person or messaging the entire list in your contact phone-book is an activity done by most of the individuals. These text messages not only come handy during these times only. When certain groups have to plan out a particular plan and wish to confirm the other person’s availability for the same, sending text messages to all of them at once becomes a highly tedious task.

Sometimes sending these bulk messages can fail and the whole process develops fallacy. It can also cause significant pressure being a spendthrift option & don’t turn out to be a cost-effective option during these times of need.

With the advent of smart phones and the ascension of a medium like WhatsApp, text messages appear to be the thing of the past suddenly. Using WhatsApp and communicating through it has become a trend with respect to the individuals and their daily-life.

To overcome all the restrictions of the messaging limit and the other factors, WhatsApp provides an advantageous medium to solve our puzzling issue. WhatsApp proves fruitful in the way that an individual can send bulk messages to 25 friends at once by default at one go itself. This can be done in the following steps:

  • Open the page, where the current chat window resides on the WhatApp. Here, active chats are shown.
  • Press Menu and then Tap the More option.

WhatsApp active chat window shownBroadcast message option indicated

  •  From the list of presented options, Select Broadcast message as shown in the pictorial depiction above.
  • Now your phone book contact list will appear with checkboxes besides their names.
  • Place a check for the friends you want to send the message to, and tap once and done button.
  • After this, you need to type the message that you are supposed to be sending to a certain group of people. Tap and then press send button. Broadcast message
 If you want to send this same message later, always copy it after typing the same.

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