Sending FAX becomes a critical issue in certain situations & those times the usual rush-bush is a normal phenomenon that is involved during this setting. The helter-skelter begins in the search for efficient opportunities to send the FAX in the fastest time possible with the efficiency and the reliability aspect intact. It is a kind of an outdated concept with the ascension of other easier, secure mediums yet sending Fax remains popularly existent for some companies, firms which function along. Finding a FAX machine or buying it is a majorly arduous task that involves heavy time consumption as well as wastage of resources at that crucial juncture when sending FAX is urgent requirement.

Send Free FAX from Android

With the advancement of Smartphones into a larger dimension & serving effectively as mini computers, the hassle free approach or the ability to FAX from a handset is an amazing revelation that can be utilized to productive effect when set forth into action. The indicated applicability can be put towards into use by using a Smartphone. A hand-held device acts a fantastic opportunity to send faxes from an individual’s created account to any Fax machine in the world.

The applications that are available on these handheld devices serve as the notable acquisitions in the time of need. These serve as a handy approach to share file with other devices & they are of a considerable use when installed just as Fax application. An advantageous application that serves its effectiveness in this measure is the Files Anywhere application. It is a free application which aids its cause in viewing, managing, sharing files remotely between the respective devices. After the application is installed on the phone, a free account needs to be created by signing up. A user is henceforth allocated with 1000MB space.

The major functionality that depicts its particularized effectiveness is the presence of its cloud storage features. The notable ones include features such as direct file editing, photo slideshows, web drive mapping & the ability to create sub-accounts.

A demonstrated clip is presented below that helps us in understanding the process on how to send a fax with Files Anywhere.

The step-by-step procedure can be executed as follows:

  1. At the first moment, right-clicking on any file in the account; we will be presented with Service Plugins & this can help further to send Fax.
  2. Select the particular document in its respective format (.xls, .doc, etc.), PDF, graphic/photo or text file and then click on “FAX” to follow the simple process according to prompts.
  3. With a neat and uncluttered interface, it allows the individual to adjust the sender details so the details can be sent according to the user’s needs. Hence, name can be supplied along with a return-to fax number or email address.
  4. Documents can also be created in Google Docs or the file can be downloaded as PDF with the benefit that uploading & sending the file anywhere process being covered in its of service applicability.
  5. Additional betterments emphasize on allowing a cover page & copies to be saved for records. Searching of these records can be done easily with usual features of re-send or forwarding the appropriate documents. Notification is provided after the completion of the process.

Free Fax using FilesAnywhere App

The files are needed to be found out first on the respective device. After they are brought into light, these are required to be uploaded to Files Anywhere. Thereafter, the required fax is chosen from remote files.

Sending Free Fax from Android devices

The applicable option needs to be chosen at that rightful moment & the sequential following of prompts need to be undertaken in order to finish this process in an easy way.

Price: Free
Download the Files Anywhere App from the Google Play Store.

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