Smartphones have become an integral part of people’s lives. It’s possible to perform almost every task using a Smartphone. Dropbox is an app that allows to share different files from any device using the cloud storage. Similarly, it is now possible to send text messages using any device like a computer or a tablet using the MightyText app.


MightyText not only allows the users to send the messages but one can also view and reply to the text messages. The user just needs to install the MightyText app on the Android device first and then install it on the computer or the tablet. It will sync all the messages on multiple devices automatically. MightyText rides over the SMS client on an Android Smartphone, using the device’s data connection to almost instantly replicate every message sent or received on the PC through a browser extension. Ultimately, MightyText is acting as an SMS proxy, not a replacement. MightyText has also polished up its interface, introducing a new PowerView mode in the browser that shows all recent SMS conversation as open threads on one screen. It also introduced a handy battery monitoring feature that shows the current power levels of the phone on the computer.


Some of the features of MightyText are:

  • Instant Notifications on computer/tablet when SMS hits phone
  • See who’s calling- on the computer or tablet
  • Phone’s battery level- on the computer/tablet
  • 30 Seconds Setup Time
  • Picture Messages (MMS Messaging) on your computer
  • Messages stay fully synced with your phone’s SMS
  • SMS Backup & Restore Automatically
  • Backup MMS & SMS to MightyText and view from any device

The MightyText app sends the text messages through the phone so it must be noted that the carrier text messaging charges will apply. MightyText app does not charge additionally for the messages sent using it.

Download MightyText from here (for Android Smartphone).
Download MightyText from here (for Tablet).
For computer, go to

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