The standard irritation that one faces while using the Smartphone depicts the functionality that is exhibited from rotation of the screen from portrait and landscape. For the individuals using the Android devices, this is a commonplace while tilting your phone or during other instances. Basically this “auto rotate” feature is calibrated by the accelerometer sensor that is responsible for the particular orientation of the device in the desired way. The portrait and landscape are the run-of-the-mill characteristics during a certain interval of time that the respective orientation gets manifested accordingly.

Quite often this is a hackneyed activity in a certain situation where in one has to shake/tilt the phone to get to the respective orientation.  This activity is a necessitated option most of the times, but over the course of time it develops into an irritating phenomenon.

Smart Rotator

A stereotyped exhibition might be opening certain apps particularly in landscape mode only or vice versa. In such cases, keeping on always tilting the phone to acquire the required functionality becomes a tedious process altogether. This target has an alternative measure available that can finish off this service in a simplified manner. It can be possible with the use of an app called as Smart Rotator. The utility provided by the app helps in achieving our specific goal of having a portrait or a landscape orientation as desirable by the user. Using this app, specific orientation can be selected for each and every individual app that has been installed on the individual’s device.

app list

Once the Smart Rotator is installed, launch the designated program. The default screen orientation is portrait at the beginning of the app when it is put to work. A populated list of apps is displayed at the first instance.

The user now needs to select the specific app orientation just on tapping on the specific app. After this, a certain number of options are presented as a list of auto-rotate to the user. The occupation that is performed involves the orientation of the app as per the device accelerometer if selected in auto mode. Otherwise, after selection on a respective portrait and landscape, this mission gets earmarked with the over-riding on the orientation of the accelerometer. Hence, a selected fix value is employed for a particular app. options displayed for the particular app

Afterwards, the specific app can be selected for the particular orientation as desired by the user. If the user wants the orientation as per the respective goal, one can do this automatically by removing the check i.e. depicted in the Enable Smart Rotator option. This is done by going to the Smart Rotator settings from the menu.Checkbox option provided

Therefore the desired goal can be attained using this simple app that provides it’s easiest available utility to carry out the course of action.

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