As Apple Maps bamboozled plenty with its unparalleled geographies, there was a need for the re-introduction of the Google Maps in the App store. Following the position of time that Apple Maps signified its need for improvements in various areas, it had become a necessity to use better, efficient and accurate maps that could help in achieving the intended target or destination when put into service.

Hence, succeeding the Apple Maps was eventually the Google Maps which was a big relief to groups of iOS users. This was welcomed & was anticipated considering the plentiful downloads of the free app on the App Store.Google maps

On the other hand, there are certain problems faced by the individuals who have downloaded this app. The resultant complaint is due to the fact that these haven’t been set to default & the exhibition of each map link is opened on the stock maps app. Over and above these underlying problems, there has been a solution presented out for the resultant problem. This is in the form of a jailbreak application to be made functional on the device for the completion of the intended mission.

The aforementioned application that is in the picture is the MapsOpener, which facilitates opening of the maps links in the maps app presented by Google. Subsequently after downloading the app, no icon is created on the Springboard. Posterior to the installation of the same helps in the way that any maps can be launched if Google maps can detect the same from a browser. Nevertheless, the location of the particular address isn’t presented if the address links are exercised launching Contacts app. In this regard, Apple Maps dishes out this beneficial aspect.


Postliminary this action, the Apple maps can be placed inside a separate folder. This application can be downloaded for free from the Cydia Store. It can be downloaded from the BigBoss repository.

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