Android Debugging Bridge is the most important tool if you want to tweak your Android phone. It allows you to perform operations on your device using your Desktop computer or laptop. It is an essential tool for developers and helps you to simplify tweaking your device.

Fastboot is another tool that allows you to flash custom kernels to your Android device. Both of these tools are a part of Android SDK. However, earlier it wasn’t easy to set up te same on a MAC. Here is a tutorial to guide you to set up ADB and Fastboot on MAC without the need to setup Android SDK.


  1. Download the ABD and Fastboot zip package
  2. Android Debugging Enabled on your Android Device (Settings > Apps > Developer in GB or lower and Settings > Developer Options for ICS and higher)


  1. Connect your device to your MAC.
  2. Make a folder called “Android” on your desktop.
  3. Unzip the downloaded file in the folder you just made.
  4. Now launch terminal on your MAC. You can find it in Applications > Utilities.
  5. Now type the following code to navigate to the folder :

    cd /Users//Desktop/android (press enter)

  6. Now to use any ADB or fastboot commands all you have to do is add “./” before any command.
  7. For example lets use adb devices which will tell us id any device is connected to Mac. type in the following code:

    ./adb devices(press enter)

  8. Now use any fastboot or adb commands just keep in mind to add “./” in front of any command.
  9. You have sucessfully set up your MAC to use ADB and Fastboot.

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