What is WiFi Hotspot?

WiFi Hotspot is a technology that provides internet access over WiFi to other devices. It means that you can use your Phone’s data connection to provide internet access to other devices connected to the WiFi Hotspot set up on your phone. It is most useful when you are travelling and want to access internet on your laptop. You can set up WiFi Hotspot on your phone and access it on your laptop by connecting to the WiFi set up by your mobile device. Android has inbuilt feature to set up a WiFi Hotspot. Wifi Hotspot is available on android on Froyo onwards ( 2.2+ )

Note: Be very careful while using WiFi Hotspot on Roaming as it will cost you extra charges on Roaming to use data connection.


  1. Go to Settings.
  2. In settings find the section called “Wireless & Networks“.Wifi hotspot settings
  3. Under it you’ll see an option called “More..“, press it.
  4. There will be an option called “tethering & portable hotspotWifi hotspot settings
  5. Select “Set up Wi-Fi hotspot.”Wifi hotspot settings
  6. Now a window will pop up. Enter the SSID, security(WPA2 PSK preferred) and password and press save.Wifi hotspot settings
  7. Now select “Portable Wi-Fi hotspot”.Wifi hotspot settings
  8. Now your Wi-Fi Hotspot has successfully set up.
  9. You may access internet over your laptop or other mobile phone by connecting using SSID and password you set up.

Caution: Always setup a password to your Wi-Fi hotspot.

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