As long as there are applications added to our current list of apps, the functionality provided in every phase of life keeps multiplying with the set of features that are provided. Therefore, there is provisioning for the specific task and this task can be taken into operation utilizing the particular application. In the act of development of beneficial apps, furthermore we are presented with efficient, dynamic, and efficacious applications that serve the intended functions and improve our ease of life. Along these lines, a helpful app that serves in our life scenario is of significant importance.

Using the handset for variety of purposes can serve fruitful in this regard. In this fashion, using the Android phone for setting up a wireless connection at workplace or home will be a productive functionality if incorporated properly into the individual’s lifestyle.wifi-analysis-tool

There are several factors that need to be taken care of when setting up a wireless connection. The notable includes setting up of a network ID and the other security essentials. However, along with these basic parameters several other factors are also responsible for the functioning of the connection. These may correspond to ensuring that the channel on which the wireless signal is broadcasted is not contaminated with interference. Otherwise, a situation determining the best spot for the router could be another problem to be solved.

Utilize WiFi Analytics Tool for Android:

  • At the beginning, download and install the particular Wi-Fi Analytics application from the Play Store. Next, launch the app. This is available for free and can be downloaded from here.
  • Initially, there is a list of wireless networks displayed that are currently existent in the neighbouring areas. This is of best use in a public place because the user can determine the signal strength before connecting to any network.List of Wi-FI networks
  • Afterwards, swipe on the right hand side and a channel tab is opened. At this juncture, the channel clarity is exhibited to the user’s information. Thus, there is a displayed tabulation indicating the specific channels being populated and the others which are not.
  • An excellent choice will be to utilize the channel which is scarcely populated. Also, the app helps in listing out the best channel at this clarity
  • Later the user can set a broadcast channel of the Wi-Fi router by using the admin console.
  • Note that the settings vary from router to router. As, each router has its desired settings.
  • As per the descriptions provided, the best screen displays the signal graph and number of interfering signals. Subsequently, after a channel is set, the user has to ensure whether the displayed entity represents maximum signal and minimum interference.Graph
  • Coming immediately on the right hand side is a graph represented in line curve.Line curve
  •  The final section displays the Signal Strength module. This helps in determining where the user should position the router at his house.Signal Strength
  • Before the router is fixed, it will look for maximum signal strength on all nodes. Higher the dBm rating-more is the signal strength.

Thus in this fashion, the user can bestow the functionality provided by the app and use his Android phone to set up the wireless network at his home.

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