Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. But it is not possible to be around phones during entire course of the day. There are several instances where an individual might not be able to receive calls. When a person is sleeping, in a meeting or watching a movie it becomes difficult to answer the incoming calls. In such cases, a handy app named SMS Replier can be used.

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SMS Replier has the capability to send a message automatically when a call is not answered by the individual. The SMS Replier makes use of the caller ID to send the messages to the person who has made a call. The user has to just type in a message that he/she wants it to say, turn it on, and leave it to do it’s work. It has a settings page that can be accessed from the notification bar.

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Some features of SMS Replier are :

  • An individual can enter any message that is needed to be sent by the app
  • SMS Replier supports long messages which need multiple SMS to be sent
  • The user can select a default message when the reply message is kept blank. If the number is that of somebody in the contacts list, it includes that contact name in the message
  • SMS Replier posts notifications to the status bar which gives information about what time it sent automatic messages, and who the messages were sent to
  • SMS Replier also gives information about whether the messages were sent successfully or not
  • It is possible to keep this app on the status bar if the user wants quick access to the app
  • SMS Replier has a cool dynamic rainbow background in the interface which can be enabled by the user

SMS Replier sends the messages in the same way as that of a normal messaging app. An individual need not worry about extra charges incurred due to the use of this app. SMS Replier is a feature rich app but there is a small bug. The users running ICS or higher must note that removing the app from Recent Apps will turn the service off.

SMS Replier is a free app available on the Google Play Store. Download it from here.

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