Presently the Samsung Galaxy S4 constitutes either a Snapdragon 600 or an Exynos 5 chip onboard; however according to various leaks and rumors other dispatchments about the same could be on its way. This is in the form of the existence of a third processor configuration being available.

Previously we had reported about the emergence of Galaxy S4 SHV-E330S that was reportedly powered by a Snapdragon 800 and featured LTE-Advanced support. With the recent reports revealing that device again, this disclosure is an important arrival in the current realms of possibilities. The device has re appeared in AnTuTu and supposedly it has broken all existing records.

The results highlight a score of 31,491 and this impressive score is a result of the SHV-E330S. Just previously after this model was revealed, we managed to post an AnTuTu benchmark that displayed the benchmark score which was understood to be quite low for the Snapdragon 800. The score was just 24,179. Hence the overall development has been confusing to say the least.

Usually it is a common understanding that each time you end up running a benchmark, a different type of result is produced. This is due to the fact that different resources and other processes maybe running on the device which can end up affecting the overall result. It is a calculated guess that the Snapdragon 800-powered S4 wasn’t properly optimized during the initial test. If you doubt the existence of the SHV-E330S, then it is a point to be noted that this particularized handset has already passed the Wi-Fi and DLNA certification. Hence it is looking obvious that this device the SHV-E330S is real.

It is a thought provoking question now as to where and when will this handset surface up amidst such rumors and other tidings. These lowdowns highlight the possibility of the Snapdragon 800-powered S4 coming exclusively to Korea, but there is simply nothing available to back this claim to trust the legitimacy of this development. It is a notable development if such a Snapdragon 800 model of the S4 makes its way outside of Korea. We will have to wait and watch as the developments unfold.

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