As we progress to finishing ample work in effective time frame, certain applications that manifest their presence in our lives are the most excellent ones. They help in simplifying the aspects of life through the various functionalities that they provide. In our current lifecycle where time moves thick and fast in in numerous circumstances, a music enthusiast finds it difficult to keep track of events, concerts juggling along the professional life and personal life. Thus, in some instances it may be possible that particular set of people may miss the various events that happen around.

Traditionally music fans are of the addictive nature who check for event listings, other gigs & it’s a tedious task to keep a note of different events happening over different places at specific times. Therefore having an app that facilitates multitudinal aspects into a singular music discovery app is of significant importance. Songkick Concerts is the respective application in this domain which relates as a beneficial source for the music fans to keep a track of their calendar, add in gigs if they are planning to attend, swipe through a calendar of dates for the user’s favorite artists who are touring and check out newly-added dates that may have been missed by the individuals.

songkick concerts
Thus, this is an ideal app for the music fans that enjoy watching gigs live or other events or live performances. Utilizing this app the individual can know which artist is playing where and when, organize calendar, buy tickets for that concert. It acts as a constituent of all these features in a singular app presented out to its users.Songkick concerts

The peculiar aspect of the app is that Songkick scans the entire music library is scanned for the user. Thus the music library on the phone is scanned completely and the app gains a sense of the type of artists and the genres the user likes. Additionally, the app links with Facebook, Pandora, or to learn about the user’s tastes or the areas of interest. Along with the existent options, there is provisioning provided for the user to view the individual’s favorite bands and singers when they tour the respective place and if the user is willing to travel.Songkick

The organization of the calendar is attributed in such a manner that the user is shown the upcoming events of the artists performing in the area, as well as alerts to the events are shown for the artists the user has planned to attend. The provision of a “Your Calendar” section functions in being a fantastic option for keeping track of the user’s favorite artists and the other concert plans. Therefore it is a great option for a music fan who loves going to concerts, live shows, gigs etc. this is because there if effortless tracking of them onto the device. Another awesome exhibition is that the user won’t need to create an account to use Songkick entirely.

Furthermore, the app aids in suggesting bands, artists that the individual might like as specified by the user previously in the musical preferences. With an attractive UI and simple but useful functionality, this app provides in being a fantastic find for the music fans. The user has the option to manually add artists, too. The suggestion feature is a interesting aspect in the cases where the user wants to explore new bands or discover certain artists heard previously at a particular instance of time.

This application is available for free and can be downloaded from here. Surely music fans and music enthusiasts who attend concerts should try Songkick. The application is a superb way to discover various events with a customizable aspect.

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