With the rumor mill working overtime, we have been bestowed with several rumors that are doing the rounds in the current frame of possibilities. Herewith we are presented with an alleged image of the Xperia Z Ultra. This is the purported image of this device that features a large display; however the legitimacy behind this depiction can’t be considered to be accurate.

Just previously, we have been seen a plethora of leaks surface up with respect to the upcoming 6.44-inch Sony smartphone, but such a depiction is the most unique one which highlights a working handset. Looking at the image it is seen that this disclosure is similarly looking to be as the size of a tablet which properly fits in any individual’s lap.

It is expected that this handset will be announced and released during the media events that are set for June 25 in Munich, Germany by Sony. Also it is expected to be unveiled on July 4 in Paris, France. Slowly and steadily as we move closer to these event dates, it is hardly surprising to view such rumours and dispatchments surface up with regularity. It is a point to be noted that the accuracy behind these images is not completely credited and hence we will have to wait till we get some official confirmation.
At this point of time even the source NowhereElse isn’t convinced about the existence of such a device, but the publication clarifies that this image could be fake and such a disclosure could be of Xperia ZR targeted to fool the audience. The Xperia ZR (see image above) is a recent revelation that possesses 4.55-inch display which is smaller than Xperia Z that is expected to be having a 6.44-inch display.

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