Speed is the need of the age! Everyone wants a fast phone and those who already have a phone with a good configuration want to make it faster. There are some simple ways by which you can push the capacity of your hardware to its limit and squeeze out whatever juice you can out of it.

Here are a few simple but helpful ways to make your Android phone run faster:

A single prerequisite is that your phone must be rooted! (As most of the following tips can be implemented by rooted users only)

Method 1: Using RAM Manager

RAM manger is a very useful App found on the Google play store. What it does is optimizes your RAM according to the need. It has several pre-set modes that can be selected according to demand. There are 6 modes available :

  • Balanced
  • Balanced(with more free memory)
  • Balanced (with more multi tasking)
  • Hard Gaming
  • Hard Gaming(less aggressive)
  • Hard Multitasking
  • Default(Samsung)
  • Default(Nexus S)
  • Default

RAM Manager Pro for Android

It also has an extra option to lock the Home launcher in RAM to avoid accidentally killing the Home launcher.

Method 2: Removing Bloat-ware

Bloat-ware consists of the Apps that are preloaded in the ROM and usually run in background eating up the RAM and processor power. Bloat-ware can be removed by using various methods.

One of the easiest methods to do so is using an App called Gemini App Manager. It is available at Google Play Store free of cost.
Gemini App Manager fr Android

To use this App you need to enable the USB Debugging. It can be done by navigating to :
Menu button > Settings > Developers option > USB debugging

Once you launch this App, all you have to do is press on the uninstall tab at the bottom of the screen, then press Menu and select the Expert mode.

Select the all unwanted bloat-ware and simple press batch action and click Uninstall!

Another method is using the Titanium Backup App!

Method 3: Overclocking the CPU

This is a more advanced method as for OC your device you need to Flash a kernel which supports OC. Custom kernels vary from device to device, so only expert users Flash your kernels. But, if you’re unsure avoid flashing your kernel!

There are various apps available in the market to manage Overclocking. In my experience the best amongst them is No-frills CPU Control which is available free. In this app you can set the CPU clocking speed at the desired frequency.

Important: To avoid damage to your CPU increase the clocking speed in steps gradually. Avoid jumping to higher or lower clocking speeds as it may damage your hardware!

Method 4: Running SuperCharger script

In this method you have to run a script which adjusts the minfree values of your phone and makes it faster.

For this method you have to install the App called Script Manager. Download the script from here and save it in the Root of the SDcard.

Then open the Script Manager and navigate to the Supercharger file saved in your SDcard. When you press on the file a window will pop up; select Run as root and press Run. The script will prompt you for a category based on the capacity of your RAM. Select the appropriate Category and the script will do the rest!

Tip: Many Task killer apps claim to improve the performance of the phone, however some of these apps just kill Apps that run and instead of reducing the load on your CPU, it just burdens it further!

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