There are a dozen tweaks and scripts out there available on the internet to speed up your phone, increase battery life, optimize performance, etc. Not all actually work and most of then do nothing at all. However a few, different from the rest, work wonders like the Thunderbolt! script.

Thunderbolt! is developed by pikachu01 at XDA Developers.

Thunderbolt! aims at the following :

  • Better performance and better battery life by tweaking the android kernel.
  • Better battery life and performance through usage of screenstate_scaling.
  • Better performance and battery life for database writes.
  • Better network speed by tweaks to TCP and 3G
  • Less RAM usage through zipalign.
  • Reduced /dbdata, /data, /sdcard usage of *.db files and faster database access through defragmentization of sqlite db files.
  • Multitasking by applying Thunderbolt! value in the supercharger script.

In an earlier post I had how to use the V6 supercharger script. However the V6 supercharger isn’t successful in improving performance/ battery life of your device. In fact it proves to be a battery drainer in some cases. Thunderbolt! script does work for a majority of devices. So if V6 didn’t do the charms for you you can use thunderbolt!

Thunderbolt! is been tested and confirmed to be working on the following devices:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S i9000 and its variants
  2. Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 and its variants
  3. Samsung Galaxy S Plus i9001
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note
  5. Samsung Infuse 4G
  6. Samsung Galaxy Tab
  7. Samsung Galaxy S Plus i9001
  8. Samsung Galaxy SL i9003
  9. Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  10. Xperia series phones
  11. Rooted phones with ROMs that support init.d

However there is a big disadvantage with Thunderbolt! Unlike V6 supercharger, Thunderbolt! cannot be easily uninstalled. So you should have a nandroid backup of your device before flashing the script.


  • Download the Thunderbolt! script from here or scan this QR code into your cell :
  • Place it in your SD card.
  • Reboot your device into recovery mode.
  • Navigate to Flash Zip from SD card.
  • Then navigate to the file you downloaded and flash it.
  • Then go to advanced and select wipe dalvik cache.
  • Restart your phone, if it takes longer than usual it is natural to happen as you wiped the dalvik cache.

Note: Your phone can get stuck into bootloops. In event of such a occurrence pull out the battery of your phone and try rebooting it again.

If the instructions are unclear you may also watch this step-by-step video:

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