SpeedX 3D by Bytestorm is a brilliantly enthralling and easy to learn game for people with regalement for neon bright colors and 3D Games. The play, imagination, fun, flow, thrill, frolic and amusement is totally worth it to waste few minutes on this simple game. The game polishing is truly remarkable, and you need to see it to believe it! It has a very simple goal: Get as far as you can into the tunnel!

SpeedX 3D Android Game

SpeedX 3D is the only game currently available from the Android (Google Play)Market that supports 3D glasses which makes the action jump out at you. If you want to make use of this special feature, you will need to acquire a pair of red-cyan and green-magenta glasses. All-in-all, a dazzling accelerometer-controlled tunnel racer with amazing 3D graphics.


  • Smooth 3D graphics
  • Tilt control and easy to learn
  • Addictive and one of fastest moving game style
  • Excellent music
  • Online High score board with the recent addition of Feint support
  • Ever-changing mazes trap us, keeping the curiosity alive

Tilt your phone left and right to direct your vehicle down the track. It is a test of our reflexes because the surface keeps morphing between a twisting tunnel, a curved open space and a cylinder. You navigate through a tunnel by tilting your Droid while trying to avoid obstacles and the others that jump onto our path. Gameplay in all forms is always highly enthralling. It’s about clear choices, the creative manipulation of resources, mastery, tactics and strategy. There is nothing to specifically strategize in this game but SpeedX 3D has 4 levels of play namely: Easy, Standard, Extreme and Pure.

Recommended Changes/Updates:

  1. Ability to pull pictures from gallery and post them as obstacles
  2. Jumping over Obstacles
  3. Creating customized track
  4. Weapons to shoot obstacles (earn weapon charges)
  5. Replay/Record mode — to re-watch your wicked experience!
  6. Introduce speed control phenomenon
  7. Acquire certain stronger shields upon a specific target score generation

Download the SpeedX 3D game from the Google Play Store

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