The addictive habit of Smoking is highly persistent amongst several groups of people. These individuals range from different age groups and the habit just goes on escalating over prolonging periods of time. It is an activity that gathers consistency as a person gets persistent with the on-going habit. Hence, it is imperative to quit smoking in order to live along life. Everyone knows Smoking is injurious to health and there are various complications caused due to severe effects caused by smoking, but still no one pays attention to its pitfalls and still dwells on the cruel habit. Thus, anti-smoking initiatives surface up in order to try to control this habit for the benefit of the individuals. Hence, presented below are certain apps that can aid the user in quitting this habit of Smoking. The apps are exemplified sequentially in no particular order. All apps are important with respect to their own functioning.Kick Smoking

LiveStrong My Quit Coach Lite

At the beginning, let’s have a look at this app which functions in a beneficial manner for the particular user. This app is responsible for chalking out a plan chart for every day purpose. In this fashion, this helps the individual by restricting the limit of smoking levels and to keep a track of the improvement levels the user surfaces upon. It is kind of the “reward type” application because it dishes out a reward in circumstances when there is improvement in the particularized plan. Thus, it acts as a constant motivator to quit smoking.

This app can be downloaded from here.

LiveStrong My Quit Coach Lite

My Last Cigarette- Stop Smoking Stay Quit

Another application that serves fruitful for the completion of the intended task is the “My Last Cigarette- Stop Smoking Stay Quit” application. It functions on a flexible approach basis to carve out a way to find the best perspective. The resultant step towards quitting smoking makes it an effective find amongst the rest. This is based on a collective channel of distributive approach; i.e. the experts suggest certain improvements to quit smoking and if these people realise the importance of life more than the smoking habits, then it is considered as an advantageous perspective towards increasing the life span of an individual.

This app can be downloaded from here.My Last Cigarette- Stop Smoking Stay Quit

Quit Now By Fewlaps

The next alternative to the other smoking apps is the Quit Now by Fewlaps. This is as good as an integration of the social networking approach to involve the smoking community to interact with other, make aware of the potential harm, and chat throughout this period to get rid of the habit. Also, there is a feature provided for exhibiting the posters of smoking complications that might develop if the habit is persisted along the course of time. Additionally, anti-smoking guidelines are provided for the user to get rid of this habit. The app also highlights the amount of money saved once the individual quits smoking.

This app can be downloaded from here.


Kick Smoking

This app provides its functionality like a timer on screen. Thus, it notifies the user on the amount of the time which is smoke free condition and the number of times the individual has resisted smoking.

This app can be downloaded from here.


Quit Smoking By Azati

The last one to mention is the application called Quit Smoking by Azati. Upon its installation, a red button is depicted for the user which the user can take benefit of during the time that the urge is developed to smoke. Also, data improvement is dished out for the particular individual when the user presses the button. In this time period, the smoker is encouraged about the “non-smoking” habit and notified of the time the individual has not smoked.

This app can be downloaded from here.

Quit Smoking

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