Using the Stopwatch can be a customary activity for some while for others it may not be a usual thing to use. Hence, these stopwatch users will want to have this particular functionality accessible in the simplest & easier manner. It may become bring out annoying instances during the time that the device gets locked after a certain time period. Thus, the individual will have to go to the lock screen for accessing this service is dependent on the time period.

Along these lines, a Cydia tweak called Stoppur helps in facilitating the resultant aspect in an efficient way. This particularized tweak assists the user in bestowing a Stop Watch right on iPhone’s lock screen. The basic functionality which is undertaken involves a stopwatch being employed running to the lock screen of an iPhone.Stopwatch on the lockscreen

This amazing facility furnishes in providing the necessitated aspect of having a stopwatch accessible in the easiest possible manner. Therefore it is advantageous for users who use the stopwatch very often, and ultimately the lock screen clock gets replaced with a stopwatch. Additionally, there is a provision to add a small icon below the lock screen lock.

After you install this amazing Cydia tweak, thereafter you are presented with different options in the settings panel. Initially the first option helps your cause in enabling or disabling the lock screen stopwatch. Subsequentially the second option aids in the course of replacing the lock screen clock with a stop watch. Thus this is as good as a substitution process. The final and the foremost option helps the user in adding a small panel situated below the lock screen lock.


This Cydia tweak is priced just $0.99 available from the Cydia Store.

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