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Temple Run was successful to gain a lot of acclaim by fans and critics alike. It is a very fun and addictive game indeed. However a major drawback being that it’s Android counterpart isn’t as developed as it’s iOS version. Which means that sometimes it doesn’t work well even on phones with more than 1GHz of Processor speed. That did put off many people who actually wanted to play this game. However this created a gap to be filled for those particular customers who couldn’t run temple run properly on their device. Kiloo Games was quick to realize this and developed Subway Surfers.

Subway Surfers is a similar yet different game. It is a arcade running game with objective to collect as amny coins as you can and well try not to get killed. Err..sounds just like temple run doesn’t it? But frankly it is not. The game is much different and seems much more colorful. The game is based on a kid who is caught doing graffiti on an abandoned train. You have to outrun a police inspector and his dog. Every time you stumble the inspector gets near to you, and if you stumble again you get caught. Another way to get caught is bang into a barrier or get run down by a train.

subway surfers gameplay

The graphics are pretty good compared to temple run, and the powerups are also quite fun. There are several powerups like jetpack, super sneakers, coin magnet and 2x score multiplier. There are also sur boards similar to resurrection wings in temple run, which are activated by double clicking anywhere on screen during gameplay. To add up to fun they have added challenges that help increase your score multiplier which helps you attain higher scores and also daily challenges that give you bigger rewards everyday. There is also a mystery box that can be collected in-game, bought in store or won by daily challenges. The mystery box gives you a range of rewards like coins, surfboards, character tokens, etc. There are many unlockable characters some can be bought using in-game currency where are some need to be unlocked by unlocking characters tokens obtained from mystery boxes.

subway surfers store

Overall a fun game with really cool gameplay. You will have hours of fun playing it and trying to unlock new characters and upgrade powerups. The game is available on both Android and iOS. You can download this game from Google Play and iTunes store.

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