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Swiftkey has been in the 10 most downloaded paid apps on Play store for a very long time. It is the only keyboard app to get a spot on the top 10 paid apps list. Swiftkey is well known for it’s brilliant word prediction engine. Being one of the best keyboards available for Android, Swiftkey never stops to innovate and delivering the best to it’s customers.However, this keyboard lacked the latest trend that has somewhat revolutionized the way people type on touch screen phones; swipe keyboard. This is one area where Swiftkey lacked, but not any more. For a while Swiftkey flow , a new keyboard by Swiftkey was under community beta testing and was available for free on their website. This new flow technology was nothing but swipe input.

Finally, Swiftkey has integrated the Swiftkey Flow beta into their flagship product “Swiftkey Keyboard” and launched it on Google Play as an update. The Update was launched on 20th Feb 2013. The new flow technology is very intuitive  and smooth. Unlike many swipe keyboards, in Swiftkey you can keep Swiping without ever releasing your finger from the screen. Simple swipe to the spacebar after every word and continue swiping to the next word to swipe entire sentences using the new flow technology.
swiftkey flow keyboard

The keyboard duals as a type keyboard and a swipe keyboard both with a complete  fineness. Use the keyboard as it suits you, touch or swipe and the keyboard will deliver in both modes. You can download the app for one month trial version from here or get the paid version from here.



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