We all know what a blessing SWYPE has been for typing (or rather shall i say swyping) on your android touchscreens. Though some users are comfortable with typing on virtual keyboards, majority face tremendous problems typing on the touchscreens. Swype brought this revolution to the way people type in smartphones.


Here is Swype with the latest update to beta 1.3. Swype beta 1.3 comes loaded with a bunch of power packed features. Swype has never failed to deliver and continuing to its image it again has proved why and how it revolutionized typing on touchscreens.

The new Swype beta 1.3 comes with the following featuers:

Dictionary Backup & Sync-  this is a long awaited feature. Especially by those who often flash their phones to new roms and always loose the user dictionaries. This is a very clean and integrated way to get your dictionaries whenever you update/flash/change device.

Swype backup & sync

Swype for tablet – It finally arrives! all those tab users that have been missing out on all the swypy comfort can finally breathe easy. Here comes swype to make your life a tad bit easier. Now you have one thing lesser to worry about in your busy life.

Swype for tab

Hotword – Also called as “living language” this a completely unique feature like none other. What happens in this is that swype regularly updates its global dictionaries and integrates it into our personal dictionary. All the latest trending words that people type are included into this.

Hotwords or living language

Themes – Swype now has got its own official themes, that will make a spectacular appearance on your phones. 10 themes will be available for users to choose from.


More languages supported

If you wish to try the swype keyboard you may download it from their official website.

We would love to know about your thoughts on this awesome update. Please leave comments below to let us know.

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