An easier route systematically to keep track of all social interactions in a fast, oriented, elementary way is by having Synced these contacts to your Android phonebook contacts. Juxtaposing these Facebook, Twitter contacts together with the phonebook is not burdensome & easily done. Citing an example, what if when you want to message a Facebook contact for sending across the information you need to Login into the account, search profile & message/write on wall. Using ContApps breaks no sweat over the current scenario. Adding social network to the contacts can aid in simplification with respect to communication purposes, as well as improves the ease of use for the accessibility purposes. ContApps acts as a ingredient that integrates the Android phone book with social network like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare. Not only this, it also places the entire information under one place itself & with its untroubled functionality, it is exhibited as the most advanced replacement for the regular Phone-book App.

Sync Facebook, Twitter Contacts using ContApps for Android

A free application that is suitable for executing this straightforward procedure of syncing apps acts as a decent alternative to the present default phonebook. There is no trouble replying, tweeting or retweeting while in case of Facebook accessibility to the posts gets easier. There are certain features that catch a glimpse of the eye before we set forth on using this application. It’s gimmicks include setting up Birthday reminders, embedding smart dialer, T9 search Gesture Search. The tracking ability can range far over to finding addresses of friends on Google maps, ensuring easy access, faster navigation.

Download ContApps from the Google Play Store for FREE

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