Samsung gearing up to Sue Apple!

Revenge is dish best served bitter cold is what they say!

Apple Samsung patent war

Samsung took a beating from Apple and now owes more than $1 billion for patent infringement, for copying the designs of the old iPhone. Here we see Samsung furnishing, gearing up for suing Apple in Europe and United States just after the official unveiling of iPhone 5 goes ahead.. (As iPhone 5 is expected to come with 4G LTE connectivity)

These snippets are described from various sources with the primary resource The Korea Times carrying the report. With quotations attached in the report, this cited information is supposed to be from a certain Samsung employee. The propaganda that has been highlighted includes targeting Appleā€™s home turf, namely countries in Europe and even United States.

Apple vs Samsung

It is taken as gospel placing confidence in iPhone 5 infringing on 4G LTE connectivity as patented by Samsung. To be of the opinion of, Apple has stated that 3G patents can be used, but there has been no pinpointing reference to 4G LTE as of now.

Mobilizing the above, the insider spokesperson presented his views to The Korea Times emphasized about making ready and gearing up when the call is on LTE patents. These are notified to be new and highly valued!