Enable Custom Gestures and Shortcuts on iPhone, iPod and iPad Mini using Activator

All apple devices like iPhone, iPod and iPad mini are great devices with a smooth user experience. However one thing all apple users miss is customization of their device. However, Jailbreaking your device broadens your options. Many tweaks, MODs are available to tame these exceptional devices. Jailbreaking opens you doors to the world of customization of your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

Often you wish that you had some way to introduce some gestures and actions that will perform certain pre-defined functions. Wouldn’t it be great to perform some simple functions like taking a screenshot at the flick of a wrist! What if you could switch apps by just tapping 3 fingers on your screen. Yes, this may seem incredulous but nevertheless the truth. With the tweak called activator you can train your device to perform actions of your choice in response to gestures.

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