Lost your Android phone? Use a Simple Text Message to Control your Android Device

Security and confidentiality of information is an essential part of one’s life. The amount of attacks, hacks, theft of devices keep escalating with every new development in technology and it is easier to storm through with the resulting information thus leaving the user in jeopardy. As Smartphones develop to become efficient products in our current lifestyle, the security associated with them needs to be scrutinized well for the effective functioning of the desired aspect.

Usually there are a plethora of applications available in the market that serves the purpose of providing security on a handset. These security apps provide the necessary functionality to process the task for the intended target. There are various apps that provide the necessitated aspect of the security essentials on a particular phone. These can be found on the Play Store and the names just keep aggrandizing as we move ahead in time. Some of them include Avast! Mobile Security, Norton Security & Antivirus, and Android Lost Free, Cerberus.AeGis Continue reading